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Culture of Death

For the senior year of the Global Studies Program, students are required to complete a year-long capstone project and create two products on their topic - surrounding a global area of interest of their choice. For my Capstone project, I chose to analyze the international culture of death and the impacts of death and its culture on global populations around the world.


Product #1

The Cultural Significance of Death Across Diverse Global Factors

For my first product, I wrote a research paper that analyzed the relationship between culture and death, and the effects of this relationship on global cultural factors in various societies.

Product #2

For my second product, I created a podcast that expanded upon my prior research and went into more depth about the topics covered in my research paper.

Culture of Death

Listen to my Podcast here


Conceptions of Death

Death Anxiety


00:00 / 05:41
Culture of Death - Conceptions of Death
00:00 / 04:28
Culture of Death - Death Anxiety
00:00 / 02:54
Culture of Death - Conclusion
00:00 / 02:23

Product #3

For my third product, I used the design site Canva to create an infographic about the topics covered in my research paper, expressing each specific aspect of my main topic and connecting these aspects to global cultures. This inforgraphic compresses, expresses, and displays all of the valuable knowledge contained throughout my previous products.

Death in the Cultures of Life

Look at my infographic here!

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